Three Part Workshop: Oaklander Model


Dr. Karen Fried received impressive 5-star ratings on the trainings she has given on using the Oaklander Model in child and adolescent therapy!  Here are her scores from her 2017 training participants:

Based upon the content of the course I am able to... Overall Score: 4.9
Explain and assess contact 4.8
Explain the importance of the relationship with a client 4.9
Identify development issues 4.9
Identify the reasons children come for therapy 5
Plan a successful first session 4.9
Use art/play materials as projections 5
Explain the therapeutic process 5

Use content / learning experience Overall Score: 5
Content was appropriate for LMFT/LCSW level training 5
Instruction at a level appropriate to MA level training 5
Information could be applied to my practice 5
Teaching methods were effective 5
Instructional materials were useful 5
Information was current and accurate 5

Instructor (Karen) Overall Score: 5
Content was appropriate for LMFT/LCSW level training 5
Answered questions effectively 5
Utilized course appropriate technology to support learning 5
Instructor's knowledge of Subject Matter and clarity of delivery 5

Location, facility, technology, program administration Overall Score: 4.9
Facility was adequate for my needs 4.4
Special needs were met 5
Facility was comfortable and accessible 4.9
Food and beverage were adequate 5
Program's promotional materla was informative and accurate 5

Summer Trainings in Malibu: 21st Century Perspectives


This was definitely the best training I’ve ever done! I came away with a clear understanding of the theoretical framework for using Gestalt with children and teens, as well as solid practical tools to work with in the room. I’ve been really grateful for the amazing breadth of ideas and techniques we learned in such a short time. All of it— from pounding on clay to working with parents and teachers, to a sense of what I am looking for and working toward with children has been tremendously useful in my practice.

I particularly love the way that each of the instructors presented their personal styles, giving us different angles on the same concepts. That, and the direct transmission of a puppet show by Violet gave me confidence and inspiration to really bring myself to this model and make it my own.

I’ve been amazed, talking with my colleagues (and parents/teachers!), at how natural working with children and teens using this model is, how much sense it makes, and how confident I feel using it.

Thank you again for this extremely useful and inspiring training!
— America Worden, Sonoma California

It was definitely worth coming all the way from Slovenija to attend the summer training in Malibu. As a Gestalt psychotherapy student with keen interest in working with children I had read both of Violet’s books before coming and was enthusiastic about the way she worked. Getting a chance to try out her model of work in such a beautiful setting and with three wonderful teachers was a very important step in assimilating the theory. Also, I think it makes a lot of sense and difference if I try out myself what I ask children to do. I have used some of the creative media that I experienced during the training with children in the shelter where I work as a volunteer, always with beautiful results. With its hands-on approach, the training really gave me many practical tools to take back home.
— Leja Jecelj Habič, Solvenija

The Violet Oaklander Malibu week-long training provided a series of insightful and hands on learning opportunities for working with children and adolescence using their own natural curiosity and creativity. Even as a parent of two boys, I felt like I learned so many useful tools that increased my confidence to facilitate therapeutic healing as a counselor with children and adolescence. The workshops were facilitated by highly trained professionals and covered areas such as sand tray therapy, working with clay, puppets, musical instruments, and other gentle psyche-rich techniques such as drawing and describing themselves as a rose bush. These Gestalt based techniques allow a person to naturally uncover and disclose their internal conflicts in a safe, non-threatening way. I highly recommend this training for those who work with children and adults, for the insights gained are many and the restful and beautiful location is refreshing and enjoyable.
— Jill Frandsen, Santa Barbara California
I just wanted to write to say a BIG thank you to you all for such a wonderful week of training! I am soooo glad I made the long journey to be there. I learnt so much and have come back to London inspired and excited and more clear about how to make contact with the children i work with and will work with. I feel more clear about how i’d like to work.

So thank you for so eloquently presenting Violet’s work and I appreciated hearing about your own individual approaches and ways of working also.

I’m missing the sea and sun already!! what a place to learn!!
I feel excited about these international connections and community.
— Georgie Spurrier, London England

I have been to many workshops and conferences over the past 25 years; therapy conferences, academic conferences, and leadership conferences. However, the 21st Perspectives Conference was the most wonderful learning and supportive experience of them all. I was able to apply techniques to my work immediately and made meaningful and long term connections with peers from many different countries and cultures.

Karen, Lynn and Sue offer an exciting and applicable program, the work
is challenging and has depth. The environment is safe with no judging
and total acceptance.

Attending this workshop is a valuable experience that I wouldn’t miss!
— Yael Hellman, Los Angeles California

It was a long journey to reach Malibu, but now I can say it definitely worth the effort. The training really improved my work with children, giving me tools, feelings and visions that I use in every session in my office, and also with my son. I recommend this training to every children therapist. Both Lynn, Karen and Sue are excellent trainers and combine a clear way to explain the theory of the Oaklander model with practical sessions showing experience and a warm capability to stay in contact with a human being.
— Giandomenico, Gestalt psychotherapist, Gestalt trainer at Istituto Gestalt Trieste, Italy